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At Christian Care, we proudly stand as a continuing legacy left by our founder, Guy Rodgers.  For 48 years he faithfully served the men, women and children of our community, dedicating his life to helping the weak, the less fortunate…the least, the last and the lost.

From our humble beginnings as the Rock Island Rescue Mission with one room where men could get help with food, clothing, shelter and spiritual nourishment to the organization we are today, Christian Care is helping to improve the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness, individuals struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, men transitioning out of prison and veterans.

Our community meal site serves over 45,000 meals annually and we provide over 14,000 nights of lodging. 

We encourage residents and others to deepen their spiritual development and provide intensive case management services to help them truly transform their lives.


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Success Story

The major turning point in the life of Mark Williams happened in the winter of 2012, after a suicide attempt.  That year was the first time that Mark had entered Christian Care Rescue Mission.  Mark has a history of struggling with drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy relationships which lead to him losing  jobs and housing over the next few years.  Despite all this, Mark did not lose sight of hope.  He developed a plan to open his own cleaning business. 

In March of 2017, he entered Christian Care’s  program once more with that goal in mind.  His first few attempts were unsuccessful.  Through the guidance of a member of Mark’s church family, and the advice of one of Christian Care’s frequent community meal site patrons, he gained the motivation, confidence, and business approaches to “take another leap,” as Mark puts it.

In a matter of months, Mark acquired his business license, insurance and his clients followed shortly after.  By the time Mark was discharged into his own apartment, he had secured ten business accounts.  Mark credits the friends he made and the structure provided at the mission for much of his success.